Monday, August 29, 2011

Mackeral Cove after Hurricane Irene

Well, I did not have to go far to see some storm damage. On my way to work this morning I saw this huge boat on the beach at the Cove. Apparently, it broke loose from its mooring at midnight at the height of the storm, and was pushed into the beach. In the bottom picture, you can see a lobster boat on the ledges that it wiped out on the way. The locals told me that it hit a few other boats as well. I have not been up the road any further than the Inn, so I don't know of other damage. On the morning news, it sounds like northern and eastern Maine were hit with road damage and flooding. We did not even loose power here! That is a first, as Bailey Island looses power frequently.

So, all is well here at the Inn! Sue

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Here is a picture of my Hurricane preparation.....saving some of our "tall" flowers. I also staked some dahlias. Yeah, I priorities are mixed up. In all seriousness, we will be tying down outside furniture, even though we should not feel the full brunt of the storm. And, of course we do have the very large generator that runs almost everything that we will run from 7am-10pm. I will add to this blog tomorrow or the next day to let all of you know how Bailey Island was affected.

Hope all of you stay safe! 'Til after the storm, Sue

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Bye my friend.

Some days are easier to get through than others. Last week we said Good Bye to a dear friend of ours. Our friend Tina died after a 6 month battle with Leukemia at the young age of 46. Her family had a Memorial for her at Mackerel Cove. They released these balloons with her ashes and a message to whomever found them to please release the ashes and if they would, call the family and let them know. The Memorial was held on Saturday and on Sunday afternoon the family got a call that the ballons had traveled North from here along the Coast to New Harbor, some 50 miles away. A nice set of grandparents happened along them in their boat with their grandchildren. They had a little service for Tina and let her ashes go near them on Haddock Island. They then called Tina's family to report their findings and sweet story. It is with great certainty that I am sure this is just where Tina would like to be. Maine is such a great place.

After all that emotion in one day many of us hit the Street Dance on Orrs Island. It was the full moon and a wonderful time. That is the picture of Aimee and I above at the Dance. It isn't often that Aimee and I can be at the same place at the same time and a bonus getting picture. The kids had a great time running around the beach and boogieing to the rockin music. Many years ago the Community used to have a Street Dance and now they have brought it back this year. If you are here next year at this time it is a must. Along with the food, beer, wine and dessert the proceedes will benefit a different non profit every year.

If you are already staying here this weekend the must be at event is the Brunswick Outdoor Arts Festival on Maine Street in Brunswick. I am sure if I were here Terrence would be dragging me to the Giant Dragon Tunnel Building or the Interactive Hoola Hooping. But we are heading off tomorrow for our yearly family trip to Mooshead Lake and we are all very excited, even with the chance of showers every day, but it is only a chance.....


Saturday, August 13, 2011

New shops

There are a couple new shops in town. The Wheelhouse Cafe opened at the Great Island Boatyard. They have lattes and coffee, sandwiches and baked goods. And, they are owned and run by "locals". It is very cute--worth stopping in. Also, very nearby the new Cafe is a Gallery and craft shop called Ms Etta and Company, also owned and run by "locals". It is great seeing new places open up nearby. All the more reason to take a ride down Route 24.

Some of our room guests are involved in the Walpole Creamery in NH, and brought us samples of different ice creams. Thanks to the Kasper family!

The picture is from Matts new camera of the Lobster Boat Races held every year....lots of fun!

And it is that time of year again....can I impose upon all of you to please vote for us (we were the winners of the 2010 Best Bed and Breakfast). Go to and click on Vote....scroll down to Midcoast Maine, and fill in Log Cabin under the bed and breakfast category. Thanks!

Summer sure is flying by. Hope you are all enjoying the sun! Sue

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Steamy Days of August

August is proving to be a busy month. The weather has been fabulous, maybe a little to good. The endless days of sun and warmth are doing a job on the lawn, it was becoming brown and crunchy. We did get a couple Thunderstorms this week along with some drizzly rain today that has given the ground cover some much needed rain.
The Beaches in Maine have been filled to capacity, some even having parking problems. Our Cedar Beach saga seems to be at a standstill, negotiations have broken off with the easement purchase but I have faith that it is not over yet.

I am very excited with all the news about Town. The Great State of Maine AirShow will be held at the New Brunswick Landing on the weekend of Aug26th. The Blue Angles will be flying all weekend. We should be able to see the Fireworks Show Friday night from the Inn. In 2008 the Show drew an estimated 150,000 visitors to the area. Two new business' have hung their hat at Brunswick Landing. A Tent and Awning Company that has already filled the building they are in and are under negotiations for an additional building. Southern Maine Community College has signed leases on 5 buildings and will start holding classes this Fall.
We have a new Primary Care and Walk In Clinic that will open this week at the Brunswick Train Station. This is a great bonus to the area as many people can walk to the clinic and it will be on the Downeaster Train line which will have a stop in Brunswick starting in 2012.
Bath Iron Works the local ShipYard which builds Ships for the Navy was just awarded $110 million dollars in funding for work on the 2nd and 3rd ships in the DDG-1000 program. The Iron Works is one of the largest Employers in Maine, this is a great boost for the entire State.

Closer to home Orrs Island will host the very popular Yard Sale and Auction at the Fire Barn this weekend. Also on Orrs Island is the " Moon over Lowell's Cove StreetDance" on SAt the 13th. This is a great fundraiser for the Orrs Island Cemetery. If you around this weekend it is an event you wont want to miss. Lots of Home cooked food, beer, and wine as well as Music til 11pm. It is a family event and all are welcome.

The above photos are some that Matt took while out on the boat. Half Way Rock and a couple seals sneaking a peak.

Did I mention the new Ice Cream flavor...Mint Oreo Cookie.