Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fire Department

  The Town of Harpswell is served by an all Volunteer Fire Department. As of now we have three different Fire houses,  Orrs Island, Cundys Harbor, and Harpswell Neck. I can remember growing up the Fire Barn was near the cemetery adjacent to the Inn. When there was a fire a whistle would blow on the top of the fire barn and  the volunteers would come running. Even the fishermen would come in from lobstering and tend to the fire. The Big News is in March at our Town Meeting it was  voted on to have 2 paid full time fire fighters and the Town will have our first Fire Administrator. They will consolidate the Fire Barns to have the Main Location at the one on Orrs Island. The Fire Department has Graduated 6 new Volunteers to the Squad. We also have an on call 24hr Medic.
I am mentioning all this because I have never seen as many accidents down here as this year. Twice so far cars have flipped on the bridge ( in 36  years I never remember this happening once).  This week a car hit a pole on Orrs Island and the road was closed for a bit. So please be careful. The roads are narrow and there are a lot of pedestrians and bicyclers that we share the road with.
If you are here the Weekend of August 12&13th please join the Fire Departments biggest fundraiser, Yard Sale and Live Auction.

The Vegetable Garden is going crazy . The rain and fog paired with the humidity has given the lettuce a big growth spurt. The zucchini and summer squash are starting along with the tomatoes and cucumbers. Matt and I like the cucumbers the best. The radish's are ready and the carrots will be awhile. The kids really like to pick the carrots. The Dahlia's are getting  big and I would say by the second week in August we should have some blossoms.

Next week is the start of the Casco Bay Tuna and Small Fish Tournament. The kids ( and adults) will be out fishing for mackerel and the elusive 28" or bigger Striped Bass. We leave the Tuna to the Big Guys who have the permits. If you are on Face Book you can follow along the progress at "Casco Bay Tuna Club".

I am heading up to Seboomook Wildreness Campground this weekend. It is on a dirt road on the Northern tip of Moosehead Lake.  We are only going for 2 nights but it should be quite an adventure. I am really not the camping/tent type but peer pressure got to me and Terrence is really looking forward to it. So wish me luck !