Monday, February 13, 2017


  What a messy Winter we have had. One day it snows 7" and is minus 0 with the wind and then the
next day it is raining and 43. Then it freezes and we have ice and then more snow. The last 5-6 days have had some of everything. We have had 36" of snow in these past few days. One day last week there was no school and 2 additional days of a 2hr delay.  Yesterday/ today's Storm has been dubbed Snowmeggeton. I can say they did start hyping it up early. Yesterday afternoon they had already called off school for today. Basically the entire State of Maine was closed today. We can handle our snow pretty well but 20" in one storm with wind gusts to 50mph is still overwhelming. We  have had to shovel 4 times so far today.  I am waiting for the plow guy to show up for his second trip. There isn't anywhere to pile it all. This was a Coastal Storm so we actually got the brunt of it. They kept reporting on the News,  Harpswell is the Winner with 20" so far. This is not a race I really want to be the Winner in. The Airport has been shut down for a day and a half . This  really concerns me because we are leaving for Florida tomorrow for 10 days! More snow is forecasted for Wednesday so I have a tight window.

A furniture delivery came to the Inn on one of the ice/snow days. We now have a new bed in the Westview Room and 2 new chairs in the Casco Bay Room. Both the Casco Bay and Bluefin Room are getting new carpet and counters and new paint. I can't wait to see them. Aimee and Matt have been busy with all these storms shoveling the decks.

I know many of you like to check out the parking lot to see who is working by our cars. This year we are going to fool you. Looks like 2017 is the Year of the New Car. Matt, Aimee, Sue and I all have new cars! Luckily Matt got a new truck with a plow because that has been working non stop. Aimee and I both bought our cars in a snow storm. Victoria usually walks so she will keep you guessing as well.

I have managed to take a stroll down Maine Street and find a new candy store called Maine Street Sweets. It is located on lower Maine St. near the Great Impasta and Frosty's donuts. They have all the old style candy and 65 flavors of Jelly Beans. My friends at Hatch have also renovated their store on Maine St. There are so many places to shop at and eat at it can fill your whole day.

Even though it is snowing and we are not at the Inn. We have taken many reservations so feel free to email or call at any time. Stay safe and warm.