Friday, October 23, 2015

Closing Time, again.

 Wow! I can't believe only one more week and we will be closed for the 2015 Season. It hardly seems possible that the end is near. This year we actually got one extra week open because the last Saturday of the month is Oct 31st. We are leaving Victoria in charge that night because Aimee, Matt and I will be Trick or Treating. What an amazing Fall we have had. The weather was fantastic we have had No Vacancy almost all Fall Season. Even tonight we only have 1 room open. We do however have two rooms open the last weekend so its not to late to squeeze in one last trip.
Sue just got out of her boot/cast after 6 weeks of limping around on that thing while chasing the pup Zoe around. Zoe who is keeping her awake at night and running during the day. That may be another reason why I have written the blog most of the season.
After working here 20 years I figured I must have done just about every job. Except for  plumbing of course I leave that to Matt. This Fall I decided that I would try helping Victoria  cleaning up the gardens and putting them dormant for the Winter. Seems like I have been working for hours and there is always just one more thing. I guess this is why they look so good in Season. Then I made the mistake of telling Sue that I needed some tulip and daffodil bulbs. Well you know what that lead to. I have a feeling I will be busy for weeks after the Inn closes...

So glad to see all our regular customers this Season. It feels great to have those return customers. This week made me think of a couple that came here 4 years ago on their Honeymoon. The following year they came on their Anniversary and she was pregnant. This year they came with their 2 year old son. Not only do guests see our children grow but we also get to see theirs. Very rewarding.

Don't forget if you want to spend some time on Bailey Island this Winter we will have the 2 bedroom West Shore Home available.



Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Medicare Birthday Sue

I first met Sue when I applied as a waitress at the Log Cabin over 20 years ago. I am not sure what one thing hit off our relationship. I was in my 20's and lets say she was somewhat older. She was finishing up a degree at Bowdoin College and I just ended an 8 year career at a Big Convention Center. We both have a hard work ethic and family is very important to both of us.

We have had some great  times together.None of them ended in jail but some were very close. Our trips to San Antonio, Key West, Boston ,  Portland and Augusta are time to remember ( or forget).

Sue has been with  me through ups and downs. She has held my hair back while I have been sick. She was with me during all my single days and boyfriend turmoil. . She was the "oldest" Bridesmaid at my Wedding. She wanted to be the flower girl but I did have a 3 year old niece.  She was the only one with me when I got the first sonogram with my son, and the only one who knew the sex of the baby, not even me! She was in the room when I was in labor and there at delivery. She was at the Hospital when I had Emergency Gallbladder surgery at Christmas.
She has been my lunch partner,  my cleaning rooms partner- I take the bedroom area and leave her the bathroom :),  we even took karate together ( that was funny), my partner at the gym, my Theater partner, my drinking partner, dieting partner.
We have had a lot of laughs and shed plenty of tears but that is what being a Best Friend is all about.

So today I wish my Best Friend a Very Happy 65th Birthday!!!