Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Many of you may think that cooking Dinner is a bother to us. That actually isn't so. We stay until 8:00pm every night. It is nice to visit with you while you enjoy our very local and very fresh food. As you know you must reserve by 3:00pm if you want to eat Dinner with us. That is mainly in part because we ( Sue mostly) shop every day for our food. We also get the lobster every afternoon fresh out of the local waters, caught by local lobstermen. In keeping with our ranking as an Environmental Leader we also grow our own vegetables. On the side of the building close to the dining room we have a vegetable garden. At the moment we have several kinds of lettuce, radishes, carrots, chive, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and I know I must be missing something that we planted and didn't mark. Along with our own garden we have belonged to the local CSA. We pick up once a week at the Farm in Brunswick. It is a surprise to what we may get every week so being creative is something I am challenged with. If you are here on a Saturday I urge you to visit the Farmers Market at Crystal Springs Farm. Not only are there some fabulous food items and crafts they usually have music as well. Brunswick also has a Farmers Market on Tuesday and Thursdays Downtown on the Green Space. With all this Fresh Food how can you not be enticed! Not to mention our homemade desserts, like the rhubarb item that I just finished making with rhubarb from our garden of course.

The pool is open for the Season and the heat is on. We have been real busy this week, No Vacancy all week.  Victoria is doing magic out there in the gardens the Iris' are blooming and look amazing. One of the Poppy's just "popped" out today.

Terrence gets out of School tomorrow so it looks like my Summer has just started as well. I better start looking for some projects.