Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, it is Memorial Day Weekend....the "official" start to summer. But, the weather is not very summer like! We have had days of rain, and the weekend is looking rainy as well. But, as you can see, the gardens are very happy! We actually did need rain. So, while the skies are gray, our yard is very colorful!
Bowdoin graduation is this weekend, so we are full with Bowdoin families. Congrats to all of the Class of 2013! The weather is a bit different than the day I was very hot and sunny that day (a million years ago).
Our phone has been very busy today.....lots of reservations.....guess people are realizing that it is "summer"!! We do still have rooms open here and there, so if you would like to come, call us soon!
I must go buy some more flowers!!
Happy Memorial Day from all of us at the Log Cabin! Sue

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Heat is On

 I am cold just looking at these two guys in the pool. The heater is on and the water is warm but it is the 57deg temp and wind when they get out of the pool that I would not be looking forward to. Howard and Mike are our first guests in the pool this year and I would guess I wont see anyone else in there for a few more weeks. This group has been coming to the Inn every year for over Ten Years to celebrate the end of their Team Bowling Season. It is a pleasure to have the gang back again. My pleasure at least because they bring fudge and lots of treats from Dairy Queen.

We have had a few sunny days and one day almost hit 70deg. This gave Sue all the excuses she needed to buy more flowers and plant the Vegetable Garden.  We started some seedlings inside and now she has transferred most of them. I look forward to the fresh herbs that will be ready soon. Another bonus is the plants are almost gone from the dish corner and we will get our counters back :).  The Rhubarb is ready and I made the first Strawberry Rhubarb Pie of the Season. Matt was waiting at the oven door for it to come out.

We have had a steady May. I was just looking at the book and Wow this weekend is Memorial Day. We do have a couple openings on Friday night. It is still a great time to get in on our Spring Rates.
Enjoy the week ahead.

With Health and Peace, 


Saturday, May 11, 2013


We have added a new person to our "crew". Her name is Victoria. Here she is serving a very creative breakfast to our Wiseman room couple. She made a baked egg dish with potato, tomato, spinach,and cheese. The pastry was a puff pastry with sauteed bananas, and a baked pear with a blue cheese stuffing!
Vicki has had many years of restaurant work, and we are thrilled that she has joined us. She is a "native" of the islands as well.
     It is hard for me to believe that we have been open for more than a month. The yard is spectacular right now with all the tulips and daffodils. The colors are super, and the grass and trees are so very green. Nice time of year. Tomorrow is Mothers Day, and as I have for many, many years, I will be here at the Log Cabin. I call this "work", but it is nothing like the many years we were a restaurant, when I would be the line cook, and cook for 10 straight hours. Mothers Day was the busiest day of our year. So far, we only have 5 rooms we will be cooking breakfast for 10....verses cooking dinners for over 300! Phew, I am tired just thinking back on those days.  So, Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there.
   Bailey Island is looking mighty fine this spring. Come see us! Sue

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Tulip Burst

  We have had some nice sunny weather this week and in one day the Tulips Burst out in such Beautiful colors. I think they were as anxious to see the snow melt as all Mainers were. We have official put our No Vacancy sign out last week. This was a great sight to see in April. Speaking of signs, we got a new Log Cabin Sign on the front lawn. It looks like the old one but nice shiny new paint with many layers of gold leaf.
Sue also spent many hours this week scraping and staining all the room  decks. This isn't an easy chore, trying to find days that the rooms are not rented and then having the weather cooperate. I could not believe how well they turned out. They look like all brand new decks. We also had the Pool Company out this week to get the pool ready for the Summer but I think it may be several weeks before we can get Matt to turn the heater on. Going in wouldn't be bad but coming out wouldn't be very nice.

Are you looking for an adventure??? I had one last week. Terrence and I took the Amtrack Downeaster train to NH and went to the Children's Museum. Did you realize it now runs from Brunswick? You can even go shopping in Freeport or Portland or  visit Old Orchard Beach or go all the way to Boston and back in one day. We had a great time, quick peaceful and comfortable. Plus Terrence would want me to mention that it has Wi Fi so you can play games or watch movies on an IPad.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to Laura and our special room guest Carl.

With Peace,