Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Key from the Keys

Paulie and Janie have been friends for 15 years.  They have a lot in common.  They both live in Tavernier, FL in the Florida Keys.  They are both officers at their local Elks lodge.  They've worked together on many charitable events throughout the years.  They even play BINGO each week.  One would say they know each other quite well.

During last week's BINGO tournament, they got talking about their vacations.  Janie had recently been to Maine and Paulie was going to Maine with her mother in a few days.  As they got talking a bit more, they realized that they both stayed on Bailey Island!  What a small world! We say that a lot around here as we find so many connections when talking with our guests.  Well, the world got even smaller for these two friends as they revealed that they both stay right here at the Log Cabin!

Janie rummaged through her purse and pulled out her key for the Casco Bay room that she had forgotten to return at checkout three weeks earlier.  When Paulie checked in, guess what she hand delivered to us?  That forgotten key all the way from the Keys!  Turns out they have even more in common then they thought!  

---Have a great day!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Is it September already?

Is it September already?  Wow time flies by!  The summer here has been busy and HOT!  Luckily that nice ocean sea breeze cools us off at the end of each day.  We've reunited with so many of you and caught up on what's been happening in your lives.  We've met some new friends too, many of them referred here by you....someone's friend, mother, daughter, co-worker who just HAD to come see what all the talk was about!  Thank you for that!

The Schooner Alert has been a popular must do this summer.  Bethany and Perry also have Tevake back in the water too.  If you haven't gotten out to sail with them, put it on your list for 2019!  The hiking trails are fantastic in Harpswell and many of you used the new guide published by Harpwell Heritage Land Trust to find some new places to explore.  When we close at the end of October, we are starting a Tuesday hiking group led by Aimee so we can also explore each and every trail before winter hits!

Can we talk about the flowers??  The dahlias are out and oh so beautiful.  They make the dining room so pretty!  I am so impressed with all the work that Victoria, Sue and team put into the flowers here!  I love how happy they make everyone too.  I'm not a gardener but their passion is making me want to learn more about it for sure.  

We hope your summer was fantastic and that you are looking forward to the colors of fall, cool, crisp sleeping weather, football and comfort food!  We are open until the end of October and hope to see many more of you.  If you haven't stayed with us in the fall, give us a call.  All of our rooms are heated, some have gas fireplaces.  We also serve dinner every night so you can cuddle up, read a book, watch a movie and let us take care of you!

All the best,