Friday, May 5, 2023

44th Season

 Well, we are off! Month two of our 44th season here on Bailey Island.

It is beautiful out, grass is green, sun is out....after a week plus of rain, drizzle, fog and gray skies.

I thought it may be fun to explain why we named our nine rooms.

The Wiseman room was named after the gentleman we bought the building from in 1979. John Wiseman of Lewiston owned the original building and used it as a summer home. The trophies on the walls of the dining room are all his. He was a very successful businessman.

The York room is named after my sons, Matt and Adam York. When we opened as a restaurant in 1980, we lived upstairs over the kitchen for a few years.  The little sitting room was Adams bedroom, and the kitchen area was Matts bedroom.

The Merriconeag is named after the body of water that all of the rooms look out at. I had wanted to name the restaurant that, but my Dad convinced me that no one would be able to pronounce it, or spell it! And back in 1980, we relied on phone books to look up places!

The Sunset room is named obviously after the Sunset....which when the weather cooperates, all of the rooms have superb views of our very varied and beautiful sunsets.

The Westview is named because all of the rooms have a westerly view. By the way, when we were a restaurant, the Westview room was our bakery and prep kitchen.

The Mt Washington room is named after the mountain in New Hampshire, which on a clear day we can see. It is almost 90 miles from here in a straight line. During the summer, the sun sets almost directly behind it.

Casco Bay is named after the large Bay that surrounds our island. Supposedly there are 365 islands in Casco Bay, known as the Calendar islands.

The Blue fin room is named after the Blue fin tuna, that is often caught in our area. For years the island has hosted a Tuna tournament. And, there is a Blue fin mounted on the wall in the dining room.

And finally, the Harpswell room is named after the town we are part of. Bailey Island, Orrs Island, Great Island, Cundys Harbor and South Harpswell are all part of the town of Harpswell.

So, that is how they were named. Guests seem to have their favorite rooms for various reasons. The nice thing is that they all have a great view! We still have a few openings. If you haven't reserved yet give us a call!

Hope you are all well!