Sunday, February 22, 2009

Environmental leader

In 2007, our Log Cabin Island Inn became one of the State of Maine's Enivronmental Leaders in the hotel industry. This was accomplished by making many changes at the Inn from installing energy saving lightbulbs, purchasing new, more efficient appliances, and recycling our waste. There were many more changes implemented, and we are constantly looking for more ways to "go green".

Living on an island, with private septic and well water, we are always aware of the quality of the air, soil and water. Living in a town where many of the residents live off the ocean, lobstering, scalloping, shrimping and fishing, we only have to look out the windows at the Inn to see the beautiful clear ocean that is vital to many.

It is easier now in 2009 to find green products. Several years ago, I attempted to find such products for our commercial dishwasher, and there were none. Now, there are alternatives, I am happy to say. One only needs to go to the local grocery store to find many choices in green products, and recycled paper products.

There are also several associations like the Green Hotel Association, and more and more travellers looking to stay at green lodging places. This is an exciting trend for all of us.

This year, we will be investigating alternative energy possibilities such as wind and/or solar. Hopefully, we will be able to utilize either in the near future.

Writing this today, with a forecast of over a foot of snow coming, solar energy is a hopeful thought.

All for now.....Sue

Monday, February 16, 2009

Progress on Bailey Island

The past week has been quite nice. The snow banks are melting, ice is melting, you can even see grass in spots. Days are longer, and the air has a feel of spring. Of course, winter is not officially over for another 32 days!

I just went up to the Inn to meet a carpet man, to replace carpet in one of the rooms. Most of our renovations and repairs are done, and the rooms look fresh and bright!

Work continues on the Bailey Island bridge reconstruction. They are removing the asphalt and some of the granite blocks. This is an interesting project to watch....first the building of the temporary bridge, now the taking apart of the historical cribstone bridge. It is a huge project!

Reservations continue to come in for our lovely little Inn here on Bailey Island. We are all thankful for that. We will open the first weekend in April, and look forward to seeing our regular guests as well as meeting some new ones.

Will keep you updated on any news here on Bailey Island!

All for now, Sue

Friday, February 6, 2009

Reservations and renovations

Here on Bailey Island, while Matt and Aimee have been very busy painting all of the rooms, I have been very busy taking reservations! Matt has also been redoing some floors, put new siding on the front of the Harpswell room, and, of course plowed and shoveled. Aimee is also washing curtains and will, as usual, scrub and dust every inch of every room.

While all of that sounds like fun, I have been sitting by my wood stove, checking and answering emails and phone messages. I must admit I was not very optomistic about 2009 when we closed last October. The economy really had me worrying (and I am not a worrier). But, fortunately the phone is ringing and we are taking reservations daily! Many of the calls are from past guests, but many are from first timers.

A little note here about our guests. Some have said that the Log Cabin has a special aura that attracts the nicest people. Others have said that if a not so pleasant person tries to go on our web site it comes up "Page not found". Seriously, we have the worlds nicest guests. All of us who work at the Cabin really enjoy every day, spending time with such great people. It makes work fun!

We open for the season in 57 days....sure hope the snow melts! We have very large snow banks here in Maine. The forecast is for above freezing the next 2 days, maybe the banks will go down a few inches. I am counting down the days until we open. Looking forward to another busy year (thankfully).

All for now.....Sue