Monday, March 30, 2015

Opening week!

Sunset from Bailey Island.....hard to beat! We open up this Friday! Very excited after the long winter. Rooms are looking a couple new beds, new pillows, one new bathroom counter. Everything is sparkly clean thanks to Matt and Aimee's work. Reservations are coming in rapidly now. Everyone must have cabin fever.
We do have lots of rooms open for April......we are dreaming up some sort of special. Will post it on Facebook soon.
I am headed to the grocery store to start on the very long opening list. Think I will do it in several trips--less overwhelming.
Can't wait to smell the fresh coffee, muffins baking.....bacon......great breakfast smells! Oh, and getting some beautiful fresh flowers for the tables!
Give us a call!
Happy spring! Sue

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring is on the way!

Ok, this is from last year.....but the good news is, the tops of those granite posts are now sticking out of the snow banks! Haven't seen them for awhile. It is sunny and almost 40 today......lots of melting going on. We open in 25 days!!!
Record breaking winter......snow and cold. Haven't seen one like this for many years. Hope it's many years before we see another. Perhaps it means we will have an extra special spring!
Hope you all are well. Matt is in a cast for a few more weeks.....slipped on the ice and broke his elbow. But, he is still painting, shoveling and getting the Inn ready. (With Aimee's help of course.)
Lots of rooms still open in April if you would like to come see us! Give us a call!