Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Web Cam

The Giant Staircase is just a 20 minute walk from the Inn

You never know what people are interested in until it is gone. With that saying, Yes we know that the Web Cam is down. It isn't something that is an easy fix like cleaning the lens or unplugging it and plugging it back in. It seems the problem is with the Web Designer and we have to find a new one. After that they need to rebuild the web site along with the web cam link. It is going to be quite a process which unfortunately will not happen until after we close.
Our September has been phenomenal. Last week we had temps in the 80's. This week feels a little more like Fall with night temps dropping to the 40's but the days are still warm and people are still in the pool. I believe our room occupancy will just about surpass that of July! We do have some openings during the last week of September and here and there in October.  We are open almost a week later this year so you have until October 31 to book a room. Don't forget next year also. If you have your favorite room or time we do not want you to miss out.
Are you wondering what it is like on the Island in the Winter? You can also visit us at the Rental Home, water side in front of the Log Cabin. Skip all the hassle and spend the Holidays by the gas fireplace and the spectacular Winter Sunsets.    Check out and it is 56 West Shore House.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Most people don't realize the Town of Harpswell is made up of 3 different Islands  Bailey, Orrs,Great Island, Cundys Harbor and  Main land Harpswell or as we refer to the "other side" .
It can take 30 minutes to get from one part of town to another. That being said this Town could not run without the many people who Volunteer their time to make the Community the fine place it is to live. The residents can really pull together to help each other out in times of trouble and times of celebration.
Take for example our Elementary School Swim Program run by Volunteers ( Aimee being one) that devote 2hrs every Wed during  the school year to give all kids K-5 eight weeks of swim lessons each year. Which living on an Island is important. This is not sponsored by the school for only $20 a child can be sponsored for all 8 weeks.
There are way to many organizations to list that are all Volunteer and Support this Town but I would like to touch base on 2  that stand out. There are 3 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments spread around Town. Without the Volunteers and Ambulance Drivers critical minutes would be lost while we travel the 16 miles to the Hospital. Each August there is a Large Auction and Yard Sale on Orrs Island and that supports 
most of the budget throughout the year along with other generous donations. I hope not to need any of these services but know if I need them the volunteers of this Town will be there.
The Harpswell Heritage Land Trust has a Board of Directors as well as a very dedicated and experienced volunteer base. The Trust just received Accreditation by the National Land Trust Alliance. This is something they have been working on for years. The Land Trust along with Harpswell Recreation and many volunteers maintain the dozens of free public trails in Town. 
You can always look at the Town website and research  about our giving Community that makes Harpswell an amazing place to live.

We are closing in 2 months, October 31 almost a week later than last year. Fall is a spectacular time in Maine so if you are waiting to book do not wait to long we are filling up.