Sunday, July 29, 2012

Orrs Island Library

What a busy week. As you can see I have followed up on Sue's  blog from last week with a few pictures from the Tuna Tournament. It was a real exciting week. There were more Tuna Fish brought in this week than there has been in years.  Twenty or so  years ago getting an 800lb Tuna was the norm for this week. It brought back many memories for me as my parents owned the dock at Mackerel in the 1980's and that is where the Tournament was held. As a matter of fact the man who won the Tournament this year won 30 years ago when he was 30.
It was also a great week for the kids and the mackerel fishing. The Tournament gives every kid, even if they do not catch something a fishing rod. Terrence, Danny and Josh all enjoyed their new rods and hats. Josh even won a real nice fishing reel for having the smallest fish on Monday, which is a nice lesson learned.
Today I spent the day in the rain at the Harpswell Festival and Lobster Boat Races. The Races have been a tradition for over 30 years. There is actually a circuit that Races all over Maine. I was making Veggie Wraps and Kids Lunch's for the Nursery School. The Fireworks are scheduled for this evening and now it looks like it is clearing.  We really needed the rain, just wish it wasn't today.

We have picked lettuce, zucchini, basil, parsley, sage, peppers from our garden at the Inn. The tomatoes should be coming soon. August looks like a very busy month at the Inn. The only room that is available for 2 nights in a row until Labor Day  Weekend is the Harpswell Room.
Another Big Island Tradition this week is the Orrs Island Library Book Sale. It will open on Wed and the place will be mobbed. Whatever books they have left after Wed will be left out and you can give a donation to the Library. The Library has just been through Major Renovation and is so pleasant to just go in, use the computer, browse or work on one of the many puzzles they have going.  Please stop by when you visit and check into this hidden gem.

Have a Wonderful Week~~~~Alicia

Update on the Tuna

800lb Tuna, Tournament Winner

Terrence and his new rod

Josh and his small fish prize

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tuna Tournament Week

The 74th annual Bailey Island Tuna tournament starts this week. It is a fun week for the island. Many boats enter, and there is a kids tournament as well. The kids that enter all win a it a fishing pole, trophy, or the grand prize is an outboard motor. Hopefully, some tuna will be caught. Years ago, several would be caught each day. The past few years, there have only been a few. I will post some pictures on our Facebook page if they bring some in. 

The picture above is of Hillary and Jeff. They have stayed with us for many years, and both recently retired (Jeff last year, Hillary this year). Early in their stay this year the rented bikes from the bike shop in Brunswick, and went on the bike trail in town. They had so much fun, they went back to the bike store and purchased the two bikes in the picture! They went on several rides while they were here, and plan to continue when they go home. Hillary and Jeff are absolutely wonderful people, and we love having them back each year!

We have many regular guests staying with us right now....our Log Cabin "family" keeps growing and growing. We are so fortunate to have such great guests. They make me smile each and every day.

The weather continues to be fabulous....sunny and crystal clear today. Good day for a cookout! So, I think that is what I will do when I leave here today! Hope all of you are enjoying your summer as well. 

Til next time, Sue

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tall ship carries past into Bath | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Tall ship carries past into Bath | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Celebrate Harpswell

  I like to Celebrate Harpswell every day. This past weekend it was actually official. Over 33 places that are affiliated with the Harpswell Craft Guild opened their doors to celebration. How amazing to have over 33 different places to visit all in the same town. From eating ice cream to spinning a clay pot to kayaking, basket weaving,making a wreath,discover fine jewelry,paint and meet many local artists. This is the second year and with this weather I am sure it will be a success.
I sent Jon and Terrence off to see the 177ft  three-mast wooden sailing ship Gazela Primeiro at the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. It is a Barkentine Ship and was built in 1890. It is in Bath for the weekend and then making its way to Halifax, NS.
It was like old home week here at the Inn. A big group of return guests were here last week and this coming
week some making new friendships and some rekindling old ones. I bet we have over 200 room nights booked for July 2013 already. It couldn't have been a nicer week in Maine either, what a treat. Along with my usually weekly trip to Stovers Cove, Aimee the boys and I went to my second favorite beach, Hermit Island at Small Point, just past Popham Beach.
Thank You to all the amazing guests that share a piece of themselves and their family with us.


Terrence on the Gazela Primeiro

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Mother Nature provides us with gorgeous sunsets here at the Inn. The colors are quite spectacular, and it is normally very quiet and calming. This past week has not been so quiet as the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday, and there have been fireworks almost every night. As we sit on the top of the island, we can see many miles, and thus, many of the towns fireworks. We have seen them from Chebeague Island, Yarmouth, Portland,  South Harpswell, on of course Bailey Islands own fireworks. Tonight LL Bean is having a 100th year anniversary party and is setting off a huge display. Provided it does not rain, we should see those as well! 

The State of Maine legalized the sale of fireworks this year for the first time, so many folks have purchased them and are setting them off as well. There are varying rules from town to town as to where, type and what time you are "suppose" to set them off. But, I can vouch for the fact that the rules are being broken!  So, everywhere you look after dark, there is a show.

The weather has also cooperated for the festivities. It has been hot and sunny for most of the week. It did rain on the 4th itself, so Portlands show was put off til the 5th. There is a bit of rain today, but it is suppose to clear.

So, all in all, it has been a nice 4th of July week......full house, great guests, good fireworks, nice weather......and of course, our gardens are full of color as well! We have much to be thankful for!

Hope you are all well! Sue

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Special Holiday Edition

Danny Celebrating his 9th Birthday

Lobster Trap Float in the Kazoo Band Parade

Terrence captured in the Trap

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lobsters,lobsters, lobsters. I just Love Lobsters. I could eat them any way. Steamed, Stew, Rolls, Eggs Benedict, Casserole you name it. So it is a good thing I am living in the right place. This year the Lobster catch has been outstanding so the price is low at a record date. The softshell catch is almost a month early this year. The price I have been seeing around the Fish markets are $3.99lb for Softshell. That is the same price as a Gallon of milk. I could drink water and eat lobster any day. I think our mild Winter could contribute to the early lobster catch as the Ocean water temp is a little warmer earlier. I am just happy about it and everyone should eat Maine Lobster, even if you have to ship it !!!

The other item early this year is the Strawberry Picking. Matt and Aimee went picking this week and we have some mighty fine strawberries at the Inn along with my biscuits. I went picking also but I ate what we picked. Which brings me to my next topic. The yearly Bailey Island Ice Cream Social held at Library Hall on the 4th of July. The brownie's with strawberry's and assorted toppings are an Island Tradition. Not only all that but where else could you watch the Volunteer Kazoo Band marching down Rt 24 to the Hall.

Here it is July 1st and the start of all our Regular Customers. All the same people back for all the same rooms they love for all the same days. They all know each other, like one Big Happy Family. We also had a wonderful June...pretty sure the best to date. We already have our largest room the Harpswell booked for all but 4 days in September 2013!!

Just want to give a little thought to all our friends in Colorado Springs dealing with the Fires and in the Washington DC and Maryland area dealing with the recent storms. This has hit close as I have sister in laws in both areas. Everyone have a safe and healthy 4th of July week.