Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrate Harpswell

  I like to Celebrate Harpswell every day. This past weekend it was actually official. Over 33 places that are affiliated with the Harpswell Craft Guild opened their doors to celebration. How amazing to have over 33 different places to visit all in the same town. From eating ice cream to spinning a clay pot to kayaking, basket weaving,making a wreath,discover fine jewelry,paint and meet many local artists. This is the second year and with this weather I am sure it will be a success.
I sent Jon and Terrence off to see the 177ft  three-mast wooden sailing ship Gazela Primeiro at the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. It is a Barkentine Ship and was built in 1890. It is in Bath for the weekend and then making its way to Halifax, NS.
It was like old home week here at the Inn. A big group of return guests were here last week and this coming
week some making new friendships and some rekindling old ones. I bet we have over 200 room nights booked for July 2013 already. It couldn't have been a nicer week in Maine either, what a treat. Along with my usually weekly trip to Stovers Cove, Aimee the boys and I went to my second favorite beach, Hermit Island at Small Point, just past Popham Beach.
Thank You to all the amazing guests that share a piece of themselves and their family with us.


Terrence on the Gazela Primeiro