Sunday, June 24, 2012

Emilys Wedding

This has been an eventful weekend here at the Inn. Our own Emily, who worked with us for years, got married here on the island. We took this picture when she was off to the ceremony. Doesn't she look gorgeous? Of course, Em is one of those people who would look gorgeous in any outfit! And, the best part is, she is equally beautiful on the inside. We wish Em and Tyler the very best! (You are one lucky Dude, Tyler).

And, no, Emily did not have a Beach Boy theme at the wedding.......but, Friday night, Neal and I went to Bangor to the Waterfront Park to see the Beach Boys perform on their 50 year reunion tour! It was fabulous!!!!! I really expected them to sound "old", but they did not. There was a sell out crowd, the rain held off, and those guys had the entire crowd on their feet over and over. Lots of singing, dancing, yelling. Their songs brought many of us back several years. And, yes, most of the crowd was "older". It was really a blast!  People have asked me "Neal had a good time?"  And, yes, even Neal had a good time!

Well, this is the last week of June. And, as we thought, we have rented more rooms this June than any other June in the previous 16 years. We are a lucky crew to have such super guests, and we Thank You all! Enjoy the sun! Sue

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Opening Day

I know.. Opening Day for Baseball was months ago. With School out this week I am celebrating Opening Friday at Stovers Cove. Stovers Cove is located on the other side of Harpswell almost directly across from the Bailey Island Bridge. Every Friday a group of us with tons of kids meet at Stovers Cove starting from about 11am and we have been known to stay until sunset. The great part is that you can drive your car right out on the point that is owned by Harpswell Heritage Trust. Almost like an Outer Banks or Cape Cod feel. We unpack loads of stuff, grills, boogie boards, chairs, tables,etc. The kids just love it because of the many tidal pools and aquatic life they find. When the Tide changes  a rip current is formed and they can boogie board from the tidal pool into the Salt Water Cove. There are always buckets full of crabs, snails, seaweed, clams, and if they are lucky maybe a few crawfish. Aimee and I are usually there during the day and then we alternate who draws the short straw and has to come back to work at night.
This year Aimee has come up with a brilliant  idea she and I would stay there and Matt will work at night!!   Here is a picture of Terrence buried in the sand and I mean buried. Every crevice of him had sand.

This past week also kicked off the Music Theater  at Bowdoin College. The Maine State Music Theater is a Professional Group that does such a fabulous job that if you are around this Summer seeing a show is a must. Also visit the Art Museum, Perry Arctic Museum, Bowdoin Music Festival and the Beautiful Grounds at the College.

The Train is also running from Brunswick to Rockland. I was heading into the Grocery Store Saturday when I looked over at the new train station and saw some room guests waiting on the platform. It brought a smile to my face that they were off on a great day trip. Speaking of the train, it looks like we are all set for the Boston to Brunswick Amtrack Line to start in November. Wahoo!!!
The other thing that brought a smile to my face is the Peoni's bursting out this week. It was my
Grandmother's favorite flower and I think of her every time I pass them.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's especially mine and my husband.


Saturday, June 9, 2012


17 years ago, when we converted the Log Cabin Restaurant into the Inn, many local folks were upset that they would no longer be able to eat here (as we only serve room guests meals now). So, Howard, the owner of Lands End Gift Shop, decided to stay here in a room so he could eat here! Over the years, he has rented more and more rooms so that his "bowling buddies" could join him. This year, he has rented all 9 rooms, and tonight Aimee and Alicia are preparing a "feast" for them all. It is fun to have "locals" stay with us. Actually, we do get a few other Harpswell folks stay, as well as Brunswick. And, now that "stay-cations" are being promoted, our Maine clientele is increasing.

This past week has been very busy for us, despite the rainy weather. Looks like we are going to have a record breaking June! The weather has finally made a turn for the better. It is sunny and beautiful today. Matt is outside cleaning up the pool....should be a great pool day!

Well, I am off for the I am headed home! Sue

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Day for Ducks

Today was truly a day for a duck. The 2nd Annual Duck Race was held at Great Island Boatyard to Benefit the Harpswell Community School PTO benefiting  the PlayGround.  The predicted weather for this weekend was heavy rain both Sat and Sun not what all the tourists, brides, graduates and shop owners were hoping for the first weekend in June. Over 500 plastic ducks were contained in a "coral" in the water at the Boatyard and while it was still light rain the ducks were let go and the Race Was On. Each duck cost $25 to purchase and there were 5 fabulous prizes including a night at the Log Cabin.  A Big Thank You to Mrs. Bailey the first place winner for donating the IPad back to the School. I was hoping I would win that IPad or the 2 kayaks. There was plenty of food and desserts to chose from and all kinds of kids games. If you are here for the Duck Race next year please stop by and see how much fun you can have with a duck in the rain, well hopefully it wont be raining next year.
  Today was also the 2nd "Fly In" at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. With the rain it wasn't much of a Fly In but last year when I attended it was a load of fun. Also this is Bowdoin College Alumni Weekend and Congratulations to our room guest Mr. Woodin on his 50th Reunion. I think it is Sue's 22nd but I am not asking. The other thing I did at 8:30am  in the rain today was Coach 30 kids between the ages of 5-7 T Ball. It is quite amusing some run to 3rd base first, sometimes there are 2 kids on base, sometimes they are just out in the field picking daises but at least they are out there and not watching TV.
  There is  a new Vietnamese Restaurant that opened on upper Maine St. near the Church. We are sad
to see Back Street Bistro closing along with Lilee's but look forward to another spectacular season at Maine State Music Theater at Bowdoin College.

I know many of you subscribe to DownEast Magazine so don't miss the article on page 25
"Destination Brunswick" and the wonderful insert on page 36&37 of Harpswell.

The one good thing about the rain all day is that I don't have to cover the pool tonight.
As expected we lost power last night so I am a little late posting the blog.

Healthy Wishes...Alicia