Thursday, December 30, 2010

Abner Point on Bailey Island

I just took my dogs for a walk to the end of Abner Point. It is sunny and 40 degrees today. What a contrast to Monday when it was snowing and blowing 50 mph and 10 degrees. Even the dogs did not go far that day. Tomorrow is New Years Eve! 2010 was a very busy and eventful year for us at the Log Cabin. No big events for 2011....yet.

Alicia leaves for Florida tomorrow until April. My grandson Josh will be sad, as Alicia's son, Terrence, is his good buddy.

Matt continues to do repairs at the Inn. I continue to take reservations. Looks like another busy year for us.

Lots of interest in the Brunswick Naval Air Station. There are many companies vying for space, as well as Bowdoin College. The navy will be missed, however.

No big plans for me for New Years Eve. Hope all of you have a safe and healthy new year.

Happy New Year to all of you, Sue

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Temporary bridge

Now that the "new" Bailey Island bridge is complete, the bridge workers are slowly taking apart the temporary bridge. Although I watched them build the temporary bridge, I cannot figure out why they are taking the road away from the structure first.....seems it should be the other way around to me. But then, I am an innkeeper, not a bridge engineer. I am sure they know what they are doing. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Speaking of progress, can it be we have been closed for almost 2 months? Let's see.....that means we open again in 99 days! Yahoo!! Can you tell that I love the Inn? I love everything about it.....the building, the view, the crew, the guests....oh yeah, and the gardens.

Christmas is next week. My grandson Josh turns 5 this week (speaking of time flying). His nursery school holiday pageant is Wednesday. Of course, I will attend. Last year he sat in his Mom's lap and watched....we will see this year if he participates. It is very cute either way.

Hope you are all well and happy, Sue

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mackeral Cove

Winter on Bailey Island looks so different than it does in the summer. Boats are pulled out of the water, lobster men take their traps up and put them on land. There are very few buoys in the bay. One lobster man told me this weekend that they take their traps out of the bay so the shrimpers can drag the bay for shrimp. There is nothing better than Maine shrimp right out of the water. They are a bit messy to cook, and tedious to pick as they are small, but yummy.We serve local Maine shrimp and Maine scallops on our dinner menu. Both of these are caught in the winter.

We still have no snow on the island. We did just have a heavy rain storm that would have been a ton of snow had the temperature been cold. But last night and today, the temperature has been in the 50's! I am sure the snow is coming soon enough.

Hope all is well with all of you, Sue

Monday, December 6, 2010

Best of the best survey

Here is a picture of the plaque we received as well as the announcement that was in the Times Record newspaper. We were voted best Bed and Breakfast in Midcoast Maine for 2010. And, believe me, there are many bed and breakfasts! We thank all of you who voted for us!

We are getting our first snow of the season today. It is not much snow, but it is covering the ground. I do still have some snapdragons blooming and rose buds in the gardens. They are seeing how long they can hold out. Northern Maine is getting a much bigger storm. It will be interesting to see what winter brings. Last year we had a very mild winter.

All is well on Bailey Island. They are taking apart the temporary bridge. Matt is busy with projects at the Inn. He is rebuilding the window boxes on the Sunset and Westview rooms. All the money was raised for the Bailey Island Post Office this month. So, now it is officially owned by the donors. Thanks to those of you who donated to that cause.

Hope all is well with all of you, Sue

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bailey Island morning

Today is crystal clear and calm. These photos were taken from Cook's point early this morning. You can see the bridge, which is now open to traffic. The renovated bridge is the same width that it was before renovation. The temporary bridge was quite a bit wider! For anyone that has crossed the original bridge knows, it is very narrow. I would say that many drivers got used to the temporary width, and forgot how to drive on the original. You really do have to stay in your lane, and not cross the center lines, or 2 vehicles cannot pass. The Department of Transportation tried to convince the towns people to make it wider, but this was voted down. So, a word of warning.....if you are coming to Bailey Island, stay in your lane. Many a rear view mirror has been lost on the bridge over the years.

We still have not had a hard frost on Bailey Island. There are still a few flowers blooming in the gardens. We have much milder weather than Brunswick, which has had a hard frost, and had sleet last Friday.

Reservations are steadily coming in. Remember, a gift certificate to the Log Cabin would make a super gift for the holidays!

Hope all is well with all of you. 121 days til we open! Sue

Monday, November 22, 2010

Grand opening of the Bailey Island Bridge

Here a some pictures of the bridge opening last Saturday morning. It was a very cold, windy day. After the "dignitaries" spoke, there was an antique car show! It was worth the wait to see the many antique cars cross the bridge. The temporary bridge will still be standing until April so the bridge workers can do some finish work. I will be so excited to see the temporary bridge is very unattractive. The newly reconstructed bridge is beautiful. I drove across it this morning for the first time, and was very excited. It has been 2 years since they began working on it.

As you can see, there was a very large crowd attending.

All for now, Sue

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November color

The sunset picture I just took (yes it is 4:30), and the cove picture I took a couple hours ago. We have had astronomical high tides the past week. The cove picture was actually an hour after high tide. You can see the debris on the boat launch....there is absolutely no beach at high tide! I thought the water was going to cross the road some days. And the floats and boats are all pulled up on the beach for the winter. The lobster men are still fishing, although the extreme winds have kept them in most of the week. We had a "rogue" storm Sunday night that knocked out power and caused considerable damage. It seems we have had many damaging wind storms this season.

But, the sunsets in the fall are really spectacular, even if they are in the afternoon. We have had extremely good weather this year despite the storms. Wonder what is in store for winter?

Well, Matt drained the water at the Inn today, and turned off all heat and gas. The building is ready for it's off season nap. I am sure Matt and Aimee will wake it up often to do the off season maintenance.

Reservations continue to come in for next season....we must be approaching 30% full. Give us a call is you would like to come visit. Also, remember that a Log Cabin Inn gift certificate makes a great holiday present!

"Til next time, Sue

Monday, November 1, 2010

End of the season

Well, our 30th year in business has ended for the season. We must have known the weather was going to take a turn. It sure is chilly out the past couple days! We had a great season, and by the looks of the reservation book for 2011, we will have another busy one next year.

This picture is of the "crew", Josh, Danny, Laura, Aimee, Alicia, Emily, myself and Matt. This was 10am on closing day. By 2pm, we had the rooms stripped, gift shop packed up, bar boxed up, kitchen stuff boxed and moved, outside furniture put away, and actually had time for pizza in there too! Now we start on our "fix-it list". Matt started today by cutting the big spruce in the front yard. We will plant a new garden there next spring. Now he is out back chopping down sumac. Aimee came in to do some leftover laundry and dishes. The place looks a bit barren, but clean.

Time for a long winter nap for me! I will check the phone and email daily if anyone would like to make a reservation for next year!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Harvest Time

As I reflect on this past season I think this year the food meant more to me than any other year. Many of you know that we have a small Vegetable and Herb Garden on the South Side of the lawn. This year we also augmented it with buying a Crop Share at Crystal Springs Farm in Brunswick. Sue went every Friday and came back with a load of vegetables that she then in turn would challenge me to use. I thought the Crop Share was such a great idea that I bought in for my house. You would arrive at the Farm on a Tues or Fri and many baskets would be set up to chose from. Then they open up the gardens and you could pick several different things each week. They always had herbs and flowers but could also have tomato's or green beans, etc.
They sell different things at the Farm as well such as eggs, milk, lamb, pork and beef. Last year I bought a full share of lamb. This year I am giving the lamb a break and bought 1/2 share on a pig. We just got the pork delivered and I had some chops last night that were the biggest I have ever seen and oh so good.

It is so exciting to see that we can eat and provide so much of our menu at the Inn locally. We get our lobster every day from a friend and local lobsterman. Our scallops are caught by another friend right here in Casco Bay. Both the shrimp and haddock are native to Maine and we have a better Filet than most Steak House's. Sue has challenged me with some very tasty Dinner Specials this Season and it was great to try new things. I know many people have not been able to take advantage of our Dining Room but I think if you are here between 6-6:30pm you will not be sorry that you chose us. Especially when you don't have to drive anywhere and our desserts are also made here.

Six more nights and we close. As usual Terrence and I will be headed to Florida for Jan, Feb, and March. I will let Aimee do all the work opening up and return in April when the mess is cleaned up.

Blessings Alicia

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October nor'easter on Bailey Island

This has been an eventful week. These two pictures were taken on Friday morning. We had a huge rain and wind storm, and as usual, the power went out just as Alicia was cooking breakfast! So, she balanced a flashlight on her head so she could see what she was doing! We called Matt to come turn on the generator.....which he did.....then said he had to go take pictures of the ocean. He also did his first video and uploaded it to You Tube. If you go to You Tube and type in Bailey Island October 2010 nor'easter, it will come up. It is quite good.

I also went to the Harpswell Business Association meeting this week at Two Coves Farm in South Harpswell. They raise grass fed beef, chickens, sheep and turkeys. I ordered a turkey for Thanksgiving and will try out their other products. Perhaps you will see some local foods on our menu next year! It is a beautiful 80 acre farm on the ocean....worth taking a drive to see.

We had a busy weekend here....but slowing down during the week days. We close 2 weeks from today! All for now, Sue

The answer to the Pole Question is 366, so 50% of the people got it right but we have booked about 10 room nights since then. --- Alicia

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Hi it is Alicia. I think Sue was drinking when she did that last blog because even I can't figure out her math. Her " Surprise" Party wasn't much of a Surprise. Sue told Aimee and I practically how to organize it. When, What, Where, the food, guests,budget ( which there was none) etc. The Party was absolutely fantastic, the Music which was a surprise made for some great entertainment. Above is a photo of her two Brothers, Bob is on the left and came up from Cape Cod and Bruce is on the right and lives here on Bailey Island. Aimee and I told Sue we are going on a Cruise for her 70th, no more party planning.

I know quite a few guests went to the Alpaca Farm this Summer. Now you need to go no further than Front Street in Bath to visit a new Store called " Winters Gone" that will carry Alpaca Fashions. There is also a Seafood Market that (re)opened near Shaws called Long Reach Shellfish. They have a quite a variety and will pack lobsters to travel, although you can not eat there like at Gurnet Trading. Then there is my new favorite Gourmet Deli called the " Market Basket" ( not the grocery store) It is located on Park Row in Brunswick just parallel to Maine St. We catered some items there for Sue's Party and it was so yummmyy. You can eat there or take out. The pastries, sandwich's and smoked seafood are a few favorites. Oh and one more thing smoked sun dried tomato spread.

The weekends are still remaining full. We do have some openings on our last weekend Oct 29th and 30th. We also have some nights available during the week. If you have been reading the blogs or have been here you know some weird stuff goes on. This AM while I was bringing my cleaning basket to a room I looked over and one of the room guests was on the lawn playing bagpipes. It was there first visit here, came without a reservation and apparently felt right at home. I wish it was last week during my Anniversary because the bagpiper piped us out of the Church.

It was neck and neck with my last question. The pool heater was not off but has since been winterized, it got some great use this Summer.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Milestones and Decades

The year 2010 brings many milestones. Like the 30th year for the Log Cabin (20 + 10).
Matt and Aimee both turn 40 (20 + 10 + 10).
My brother had his 50th wedding anniversary (20 + 20 + 10).
Matt and Aimee will have their 10th anniversary (20 - 10).
My grandson Josh will turn 5 (20 - 10/2).
And, this week, I will turn 60 (20 + 20 + 20)!!!!!!

I hear from a little birdy, that a surprise birthday party is in the works. I have tried bribery to get info on the details, but to no avail. I guess that is what will make it a surprise!! I have had birthday parties here at the Log Cabin for 30 years now (that being half of my life.....60 - 20 - 10)! Where did the years go? Life has been very good to me. I have a super family, many wonderful friends, an Inn that I love, and hundreds of Inn guests that make life and work a joy. Thanks to all of you who are in my life.

The weather forecast is good for a party, and some flowers have been delivered. I am very anxious for tomorrow. Will let you know the details.

All for now, Sue
P.S. Today, I am only in my fifties!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Season a Bust

You never know what you will see while sitting in your Hot Tub at the Inn. This is a photo of my Brother in Law, Fred flying around the Island and entertaining both himself and quite a few people on the ground.

Apple Season is here and the growers have taken a huge hit. One grower said that he had lost 90% of the crop due to a late frost in May. Aimee and I went on the kids Apple/ Hay Ride Fieldtrip this week and the only thing plentiful was the pumpkins. It was such a warm Summer that the pumpkins came early. Some growers could even plant a second crop. According to the growers the trunks froze and all the blossoms toward the bottom of the trees froze. So if you are lucky and tall like Matt you could pick them using a ladder. Mother Nature who can figure her out. Like today, it is 80 deg in the end of September.

We are open only 35 more days this season. Every year it seems like it goes faster and faster. I am very happy to say we have had 100% occupancy this September, can't do much better than that. September is beating out August.

The whole town is a buzz and very happy for our local standout Mark Rogers who is pitching with the Milwaukee Brewers. He has closed a couple games with no hit innings and started his first game last night against the Florida Marlins.

The answer to the pole question was Florida, which 66% got right. The Withlaooochee River is both in North Central and Central Florida.

Peace and Health

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The sun is just rising at the same time I arrive at work now. The days are shorter, and brisk. We even had to light the fireplace one day. I love this time of year! Only problem is that we close in 6 more weeks. I get asked frequently if I am anxious to close, and the answer is "No". I love the Log Cabin. Our crew is the best anyone could ask for. Our guests are the most amazing people. I also love to cook breakfast. Today I am making waffles, ham and banana pecan muffins. Laura will be in shortly to make the fruit. This morning all 9 rooms are return guests---making it feel like one big family.

Last night was a silent auction for the Harpswell Community Nursery School. I was very brave and gave Aimee and Alicia a signed check and told them they could bid for me. I wonder what I bought, and how much I spent? Will let you know.

Off to cook breakfast! Sue

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11

Today is such a glorious day with the sun shinning and a slight breeze. It was just like Sept 11th nine years ago. It was one of those days that everyone will remember and I am no different. Jon and I were still working on a Yacht together and we had just left Montauk, Long Island, NY headed to Nantucket when we heard. We just couldn't believe it, our Boss at the time owned all the fiber optics layed in NYC and his office was Downtown. We tried several times to reach him but all phone lines were tied up. Finally the next day we heard that he was safe and not yet made it to work when the Towers came down. A very good friend of ours, Larry Silverstein owned the Twin Towers. The devastation that he and his family had to endure was unbearable. They have already rebuilt 7 World Trade Plaza and have tenants occupying the building. It is truly a beautiful place with a park and art work every where. It has been a painful process dealing with the Port Authority on the Twin Tower location but progress is being made there on the rebuild as well. God Bless the families that lost loved ones and the Hero's that are still with us.

As I reflect on this day I am grateful for my beautiful family and the happy and magnificent place that I work at.

The poll question was almost a landslide, 90% of the people were correct that Danny is in Second Grade, and lovin it. Josh and Terrence started Nursery School this week and after a rough start Josh is still going and Terrence would go every day.

PS. Just so you are not confused, Alicia wrote this post, not Sue.

Friday, September 3, 2010

No Rooms Available

What a summer we have had! The No has been out on the sign almost every day. And September is already 93% full with reservations. There is more room open in October if you would still like to come visit.

Some weird things have been happening too. Matt had a gentleman ask where the closest hardware store was. Matt asked what he needed, and he said he needed to fix his leg! He had a prosthesis that had broken. So, Matt fixed it for him! One of our regular guests said "Well you guys really do it all!" And I had an egg casserole blow up in the oven---what a mess. So, I spent 2 hours in the 90 degree heat cleaning that up! Now, we have guests here for 2 separate weddings with the Hurricane Earl predicted to pass by. Actually, it looks like it will miss us. I will let you know.

School has started back up. One of the long term morning news broadcasters said "I can't remember ever broadcasting that schools in Maine were closed due to the heat." We had a 4 day heat wave this past week that was very uncomfortable. I cannot ever remember Bailey Island being hot for this many days. It should cool down after the storm passes by.

Hope all is well with all of you, Sue

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just a little leak

Sue isn't headed off to the Plant Store today but I think that is only because it hasn't stopped raining in 24hrs. We needed the rain though, it has been a fairly dry Summer. I hope everyone enjoyed the basil photo. Sue planted it in the vegetable garden and I use it all the time. I think it will last until we close or first frost.

I was just looking at the Reservation Book and we do not have a whole weekend available until October 15th. I know I shouldn't be surprised by this right??? but I have also never seen September so full before it even starts. We already have 231 nights booked for next year. Those August guests do not like to take a chance that their room is going to be taken.

One day last week Sue and I were looking at flower photo's in the office when Emily said "You better come quick there is water pouring out of the back of the kitchen ceiling." There is nothing like water to make 2 people start running. It is always trying to find the source at 9am with a Full House that is fun. We called Plumber Matt and traced it to a closet behind the bathroom in the York Room. Ironically the gentleman staying in the York Room was a plumbing contractor. So now the guests do dishes, move furniture and fix our plumbing.

This is our last Friday with the kids at Stover's Cove and we are going all out with a full Lobster Bake and Grill set up. It is hard to believe it is back to school time but what a great Summer we have had.

By a narrow margin more people thought I was making Blueberry Pie which would have been true of the rest of the Summer but that day I decided to make Apple so Apple people win.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Plant shopping

Okay, okay, okay.......yes, I do like to plant shop.....and Alicia likes to mock this "habit" I have. But, as you can see in the picture, she was excited about the giant basil plant I brought back yesterday! One thing about plant shopping this time of year is there are deals out there.

We have been 100% full so far in August. Actually, we could have rented 2-3 times the rooms we have. September looks very busy as well. We are launching a new web site this week. Our web designer is coming to train Matt and Aimee today. So be on the lookout!

Have to go plant the new plants! Sue

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bon Apetit

I think Sue is on a quest this year to look through cooking magazine's and find the hardest recipes that she likes and wants me to make. This week the mouth watering picture in Bon Apetit of a lime curd tart with fresh blackberries and blueberries was her choice. This was worse than making the Ice Cream. It took me a day to make the lime curd and another day to assemble the whole thing. It may not look exactly like the picture in the magazine but I think it is pretty close.

My other picture is of our room guest Mr. Kasper moving the blow up bed from one of their rooms to another.So not only do our room guests do the dishes but they also move furniture and he and his wife bring us each the most wonderful box of chocolates.

The Lobster Bake Fundraiser at the Post Office was a great success. I am just happy that people actually bid on my Blueberry Pie. It was great to see some of our Room Guests there showing support for the Community.
Two more weeks and the local kids are back in School. This has been the best Summer for weather by far. I have never been to the beach so many times. Speaking of the beach the majority of you were right on my poll. There is controversary surrounding the access to Cedar Beach. The property has always been privatly owned and the people were gracious enough to let the public use it. Now they would like to sell the Right of Way to the Town and this is where the "Legality" of the situation arises. You can still access the path to the beach but have to use the larger beach to the Right of Cedar.

I am off on a Family trip to Northern Maine, Mooshead Lake this weekend and hope this is not the one weekend all Summer that it decides to rain.

Enjoy.. Alicia

Saturday, August 7, 2010

August on Bailey Island

Here is a picture of Aimee and Alicia at the Library Hall pancake breakfast. It was a fundraiser for the Save the Bailey Island Post Office. I am happy to say they raised $3000!! That is very good, as Aimee and Alicia flipped pancakes non-stop from 7am-10:30! Everyone said it was great.....what do you expect when you get the Log Cabin crew to do the cooking????

It is very busy here at the Inn....we could rent 20 rooms/night. There are people everywhere on the island. The weather is perfect--I do not remember a better summer for weather. I can't quite believe we are going into the 2nd week of August.

Next weekend, there is a Lobster Bake for the Post Office on Sunday from 4-8. I am sure that will be busy as well.

I must go cook breakfast. Sue

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Three Amigo's

Danny, Josh and Terrence with their Prize Winning Rods from the Fishing Tournament.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

So much has been going on lately, that it is hard to believe this is the last day of July. The Harpswell Festival was fantastic despite the foggy Fireworks. The next day the Lobster Boat Races had the best weather ever. This year they changed venue to Mitchell Field and it gave so many more people a chance to view from shore.

One of the Room Guests suggested that I should take Terrence to White's Beach in Brunswick, just off the Durham Road, so off we went. It is also a Campground, they have a lunch shack, Bathrooms, Showers and most importantly to Terrence a slide. It was very clean and I recommend it to anyone else coming this Summer. Today is also the last day of the 72nd Bailey Island Tuna Tournament. When Matt is not at work he and the boys are off looking for that Giant Mackerel or Striped Bass. Another treat this week is that Sue took Danny and Josh on the Casco Bay Ferry that leaves from Cooks Lobster House on a 2hr tour of Casco Bay, she said it was great.

A real boost to us locally is that Kestrel Air announced that it has signed a 10 year lease on the largest Hanger at the Navy Base. They plan to launch a $100 Million Dollar airplane production project. At full swing it will produce 300 jobs in Brunswick.

A Big Thank You to Corey and Lenny Schultz for this Beautiful Wind Chime that Lenny made. The lucky people who stay in the Wiseman Room can enjoy its beauty. Also in the above photo is our room guests the Lewis' enjoying their 12 day stay, some guests are just comfortable in the Kitchen cleaning their own dishes.

Aimee and I will be flipping Blueberry Pancakes tomorrow at a Fundraiser to " Save the Bailey Island Post Office". I am not sure our pancakes are going to save it but now we can say we did our Civic Duty.

We hope that August continues to bring us the fabulous weather that July has. Maybe that is why our July occupancy was higher than last year, I tend to think it is because we are so nice.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer in the Pool

What a summer it has been for the pool. In this picture is Alicia's Mom, son and nieces. Actually, many people are swimming in the ocean as well! I have only made it up to my waist. This is a summer like I cannot remember. I am sure it will go down in the record books as one of the hottest. We have had tons of sun and just enough rain to keep the lawn green. The gardens are quite spectacular too!!

Just finishing up with breakfast (the other photo is when we were prepping this am). I am happy to be working with my lovely daughter in law, Aimee. Everyone came at the same time and she pulled it off flawlessly!

The answer to the poll is 5800--that is a lot!

Well, must go clean up the kitchen. Sue

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Our Renewal of Vows Ceremony last Sunday for Marcia and Dave was fantastic. Despite the rain they had lots of family, friends from out of State, and present and past room guests. I was so pleased to share in their joy. They were also one of the first people of the season to get "flocked" by those pesky Flamingo's.

This Sunday at Library Hall will be a Fundraiser, Silent Auction and Spaghetti Dinner for a long time Island Resident, Leo Coombs and his family. Leo has been battling Cancer for years. He was raised on the Islands and his family has lived and done business here for generations. Sue was generous enough to donate the ingredients for the sauce as you see the girls making in the kitchen. There will also be a Silent Auction with so many items including a night stay at the Log Cabin. There is going to be Live Music and activities for the kids. It is amazing what the Town can do when we pull together to help our own.

Next Saturday, the 24th is the Harpswell Festival at Mitchell Field. This is a show not to miss. Lots of food, crafts, a parade, dancing, kids section all topped off with a band called Motor Booty that is just my Favorite of all times. I wanted them to play at my Wedding. Come 9pm the Fireworks will be going off just like 4th of July. That is not the end of it, on Sunday there will be another Shindig accompanied by the famous Lobster Boat Races. To let you in on a little secret we had a cancellation in the Mt. Washington Room for the weekend so that is available with its brand new King Size Bed.

I just spent 2 1/2 hrs unpacking our shipment of new mugs, 300 mugs with some brand new colors. While I was doing that I had some Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream going in the mixer and then made Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Yum.

The weather has been fabulous and great for swimmimg in the pool, 88 deg but don't tell Matt, he will turn it down.

Stay Cool... Alicia

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gardens and celebrations

Here are a couple pictures of a gorgeous lily. Unless I miscounted, there are 104 blossoms on that one plant!!! There are many, many more gardens. Which brings me to the poll question that Alicia posted last much $$ do I spend on flowers. My husband, Neal, has also asked me that in the past. The is a secret!! Just like you don't ask people their age or how much they much I spend is a BIG secret. Actually, I don't even know. I go to the garden center so many times I don't even want to know. I will admit, I am a floweraholic.

That being said, two of our favorite guests, Dave and Marcia, are renewing their vows here on Sunday. Alicia is officiating (she is multi-talented). The weather does not sound great, but I am sure the party will be. We will post pictures.

Well, I must do confirmations...the phone has been busy this week. All for now, Sue

I am not sure who the 1 person is that thought Sue spent under $150 on flowers but they have obviously never stayed here. The answer is well over $500 but I am sworn to secrecy, so 50% of the people are correct. Just think that does not even include Perennials. All the best Alicia

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fun on the Fourth.

Just wanted to share a few pictures.

Bottom--The Bailey Island Kazoo Band playing at the Ice Cream Social.

Center---The kids having fun at Stovers Cove

Top --- Danny at Camille's 8th Birthday Party

Monday, June 28, 2010


I am finding it hard to believe that this coming weekend is 4th of July. There is a lot of local activity. In Bath they have Heritage Days that starts on July 2-5th. Bath has their Fireworks on the 5th. Freeport and Portland are having them on the 4th. On Bailey Island we have the Fireworks on the 5th of July at Cooks Lobster House. It is a great view from any deck at the Log Cabin.

A great day trip this weekend would be at the Owls Head Transportation Museum. It is just down the road from Rockland. On Sat and Sun they are having the Fabulous 50's, Sensational 60's Car meet Antique Airplane Show. They are having operational WW 1 planes flying each morning. There is also a kids area where kids drive mi nature versions of their favorite cars and planes around the coral area. The kids will also decorate their own bikes and have a parade each day. A live band will also play each day from 12:30-3.

Aimee and Matt's oldest son Danny is celebrating his 7th Birthday on Friday so a Big Happy Birthday to Danny. Our Crop Share at the Farm is so much fun, the bonus item this week was fresh snow peas ( that Sue had to actually pick), and a kohlrabi was added to all our other greens. I made a yummy Lobster Newburg and made a Cashew, Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream. A Big Thank You to Curt and Cathleen for bringing the ingredients. Thank You Doreen for our Chocolate, Peanut Butter Bon Bons.

Don't forget you can go to the Kayaking School at the bridge or bring your own and launch them in several different places. Which brings me to my photo above of our regular Room Guests Penny and Richard enjoying a cruise right by Sue's house.

Last weeks Blog I actually had to go back and change the answers before I posted it because at the last minute I remembered that the Driftwood Inn serves to the public as well as the General Store, Giant Staircase and Cooks. So only 40% of the people guessed 4 places.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday Weekend, escape some humidity and come to Maine.