Friday, February 6, 2009

Reservations and renovations

Here on Bailey Island, while Matt and Aimee have been very busy painting all of the rooms, I have been very busy taking reservations! Matt has also been redoing some floors, put new siding on the front of the Harpswell room, and, of course plowed and shoveled. Aimee is also washing curtains and will, as usual, scrub and dust every inch of every room.

While all of that sounds like fun, I have been sitting by my wood stove, checking and answering emails and phone messages. I must admit I was not very optomistic about 2009 when we closed last October. The economy really had me worrying (and I am not a worrier). But, fortunately the phone is ringing and we are taking reservations daily! Many of the calls are from past guests, but many are from first timers.

A little note here about our guests. Some have said that the Log Cabin has a special aura that attracts the nicest people. Others have said that if a not so pleasant person tries to go on our web site it comes up "Page not found". Seriously, we have the worlds nicest guests. All of us who work at the Cabin really enjoy every day, spending time with such great people. It makes work fun!

We open for the season in 57 days....sure hope the snow melts! We have very large snow banks here in Maine. The forecast is for above freezing the next 2 days, maybe the banks will go down a few inches. I am counting down the days until we open. Looking forward to another busy year (thankfully).

All for now.....Sue