Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Love September!

I just Love September! I love the temperatures, the clear air, everything about it.....except it does mean winter is closer. We are very busy this September....already 90% full for the month. October has more openings if you are considering coming to visit us. I am back to cooking 5 mornings for the rest of the season. I had quite a break from the kitchen this summer....we had many competent people working for us. Now, our 2 college kids have left us. We have hired a couple part time people for the fall though. I do like working breakfast. Even when I was not on the schedule, I would come in each day.

Been doing some fall cleaning as well. I just took apart out steak pit and cleaned that all out. It is quite the "yucky" noone else has fought me for! Oddly enough, I enjoy the "yucky" jobs. Hmm......

Now I will go out and play in the gardens. Our dahlias are a bit late blooming this I am urging them along with some extra fertilizer. They are my favorite flower....another reason to love September!

Tonight there are fireworks and music at Mitchell celebrate September!!

Hope you are all well, Sue