Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feast for the eyes

Now, this is why they call this flower a "Dinner plate Dahlia"!  This is probably the largest we have ever had.....we do have other, white, orange, pink, purple.....but, not quite this large.
We have to wait until September for them to bloom, but they are worth it. Maybe next year I will start the bulbs inside to give them a head start.

We have been completely packed the whole month of September so far....we do have one room open tomorrow and another on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. I just took a 5 day reservation this morning for 2013. That brings us to 25% full for next year already! Yahoo!!  I just love this place, the crew, the guests.....all of it! Thank You to all who make the Log Cabin such a special place.

Many of you know that this is Aimee (my lovely daughter in law), and Alicia (my very dear friend). They were working a particularly stressful shift last week, and decided they needed a little "drink". Now, I will not tell you what is in their cups, nor will I tell you which shift this can guess. I was at my other job (at my husbands office) and Alicia texted me that they had a "situation".  Everything worked out ok however.  Aimee and Alicia are 2 of the reasons I love this place!

Hope all of you are happy and healthy. Til next time, Sue