Monday, June 3, 2013

Love that Purple

So many people talk about the weather, with the recent Tornado's and Wildfire's we in Maine
are lucky to only complain about how Hot it was here last weekend. It was still May and we had tw
o days in a row with 90deg temps. Hello... this is Maine and we are not ready for this. It did however give us the opportunity to try out the new Air Conditioner in the York Room. The beaches and State Parks were all very busy but the Ocean temp is still only 50deg so the only ones in the water are the kids who have no fear.
The warm temperature has brought about an unexpected treat for us at the Inn. Our local crop share started a week early and we got to pick up our fresh produce in May instead of waiting until the second week in June. Another sure sign that Summer is on the way is the opening production this week at the Maine State Music Theater held at Bowdoin College. They are starting this years season with DreamGirls.  We will have to wait and hear Aimee's review of it.  I am going to see Gypsy at the end of July and always look forward to going.
A big Shout Out to our long time guest Barbara who is here and celebrating 5years Cancer Free !!

Make Sure if you are on FaceBook that you "like" our page. There have been some amazing photos and you never know when I just may announce a Special when I think Sue isn't paying attention.

Peace and Health