Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy Week!

We have had a very, very busy and unusual week! No, that is not Matt greeting one of our guests at the Inn. He was at Disney! Actually.....Matt, Aimee, Danny, Josh, Neal, Me, Adam (Matts brother), Tamara (Adams to be wife), Frances (Adams to be daughter)......and many more!! Adam and Tamara had a beautiful wedding commitment ceremony at the Disney Pavillion last Friday. Tropical storm Andrea swept through Florida the day before, but the weather cleared out nicely on Friday. It was a perfect day in every way. I will have pictures soon, and will be happy to share with any and all!

Now, as many of you know, we are a small staff here at the Inn. 3 of us were in Florida. And, Alicia's god son got married the next day at Cape Cod! So, now 4 of us are away!! I blocked off half of the rooms, and asked my niece, Dawn to come in and help for a couple days. At 4am, my phone went off in Florida on Saturday morning. I know this was not a social call (although I do wake up very early every morning). It was Laura.....her 91 year old Dad fell and was at Maine Medical Center in Portland! Now, that is 5 of us gone.......luckily, we had hired Victoria and Maryanne recently, and they held down the fort!

End of story.....we are all back at work. Adams ceremony was perfect! Alicias wedding went well (storm cleared out of the Cape just in time too). And Lauras Dad will be coming home today! He will be in a neck brace for a couple months, but should be just fine! Phew!

We have a full house this weekend too. The gardens are gorgeous. Sun is due to come out soon. Life is good!

Hope you are all well. I am off to clean rooms......Sue