Monday, October 7, 2013

My Favorite Room

I started working for Sue at the Log Cabin 21 years ago. I really can't believe that. I started to do the Math and was quite surprised. Time goes by quick when you are in a job that is just fantastic. I was working with Sue, Matt and Aimee back in the Restaurant days. It would come about this time of year when we were so sick of employees, rude customers and fried haddock that we would always have a countdown of how many days left until we closed. I think we even started it at about 35 days.
Now we are very sad to close each year. It seems like we open in April and before we know it the end of October is here. Every day we say good bye to old friends and eager to see them again next year with tales of our Winter doings.

Many people ask me what is my favorite room. It seems I have a different answer every time. I
usually have to see what time of year it is, where the sun is setting and what improvements we have made over the Winter. Take today for example, I like Mt. Washington Room because that is where we spent the night after we got married and we just recently celebrated our Anniversary and the people in it tonight are celebrating their Anniversary. Plus whats not to like about a room with a Hot Tub. Tomorrow it just may be the York Room who knows.

Sue's Dinner Plate Dahlia's are once again Spectacular. The weather has been fairly warm during the days and chilly at night which they seem to like. We still have tomatoes in the garden and have yet to have a frost. It has been cold enough to close the pool up for the Winter.

In closing I must say Happy Birthday to a great friend and Boss. Happy Birthday Sue!!!

Happy and Healthy Days,