Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Swim Team

This is a photo of our not so official Swim Team. These  kids started swimming at the Log Cabin pool as toddlers and look at them now! Gabrielle ( my niece) first in the photo is entering 8th grade, Danny next is going into 5th, Joshua into 2nd, Terrence into 1st and Camille ( my other niece) into 6th grade. These kids have been friends since birth and it is great to see them together for the last day of Summer before School starts tomorrow.

The Inn was bursting at the seems during August. The weather was beautiful and still is. The flowers as usual are outstanding and my favorite Dahlia's are just coming out. Sue grew all the Dahlia's for my Wedding almost 11 years ago. She had about 100 plants, no pressure there. We are full every weekend in September  and can squeeze a few people in during the week. I think it is going to be a great Fall Season in Maine. The September DownEast Magazine is hitting the news stands next week and on the cover as one of the most Scenic rides in Maine is a photo coming over the Orrs Island Bridge. Also featured as the Restaurant of the Month is the Dolphin Marina in South Harpswell. So hats off to our Home Town.

Speaking of Harpswell. I know I am most likely the only person that finds this next item exciting but believe me if you lived here year round you would be as excited as I am. We do not have trash pickup service here so all our trash and recycling is separated and taken to the Transfer Station on the Mountain Rd. This task at the Inn has been mine. There used to be about 20 different slots as we recycle everything. Now we have 1 slot for trash and 1 slot for everything else. I just go and throw it all into one big dumpster and seconds later I am done. They expect to increase the Recycling over 25% in the first year.

Health and Happiness