Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Busy

This week was just so busy I don't know where to start. First of all the Beautiful September weather is still with us and who can believe that Thursday is October already. I think Matt is just turning off the heat in the pool, but the cover is still on so the adventurous can still jump in. Apple season is upon us and Terrence and I went Apple Picking this week at Rocky Ridge in Bowdoinham which is only about 35 min from the Inn. You can pick pumpkins along with apples and we went on a great horse and wagon ride. They also have a country store with the best homemade donuts. On another Staycation Trip Sue and I took the boys to the Childrens Museum in Portland which is located right next to the Art Museum. The kids had a ball, they were so excited about everything. I would definitely recommend this to any guests coming with kids.

Now a little about the guests.. We have one guest so committed to our "Going Green" campaign that for the 2 weeks he is here he keeps a compost bin in the kitchen of his room. Way to go Lee.. We had some first time guests who stayed 5 nights and because of a fault of ours we overbooked the first night and we put them up elsewhere. They just Loved everything about the Inn when they got here that when they got home they sent a Thank You note. I would guess we are the only place that gets a Thank You after overbooking. Thank You to Mr. Keleher for sending me FEDEX 3 boxes of Tour Golf Balls. I am playing in a Tournament next weekend and I will be sure to use them. Of course to the Hallis' for giving us all Mums and early Halloween Candy. I have hidden mine in a secret place at home. They were also so kind to get all the boys gifts and even my nieces. They are pretty committed, they even went to watch the kids swimming lessons at Bowdoin College. To the best Boss Sue for giving us a special September Bonus.

Just to give you all a heads up for next season, the Bluefin Room and Harpswell Room are now booked for the entire month of September, Yahoo!!! We still have some rooms left the week before we close. If you book then I just may share some of my candy with you. Now I am heading to the Kitchen. I am making Caramel Apple Ice Cream, Cream of Broccoli Soup, Chicken Pot Pie, Pan Fired Seafood Cakes, and of course our lunch.

Hey all you Red Sox Fans Monday I am heading to Fenway and Boston overnight for my Anniversary. Sitting behind home plate, beat the BlueJays. To you Yankee Fans we don't care. Next weekend I am off Saturday and working Sunday so don't look for the blog til Sunday. Matt and Aimee's dog's name is Daisy. So 66% of you were right.
Have a great week. Alicia