Friday, June 3, 2011

Events and milestones

Well the Brunswick Naval Air Station officially closed this week. Here is the new sign for the Brunswick Landing and Executive Airport. I just drove around the base, and it was quite sad. There are very few cars and people. This will be a very different scene tomorrow as the former base is having a Brunswick International Fly-In, with an open house, music, food and displays from 8am-4pm. And, the Redevelopment Authority that is overseeing the transformation of the Base holds commitments from businesses looking to invest a combined $150 million in the near future. So, sometime in the future, it will be a bustling place again.

Other new things in the area are an Ice Cream stand near Lands End....Morses have opened the restaurant by the Bailey Island bridge, and of course the Dolphin restaurant in South Harpswell has rebuilt and is open (and beautiful).

Most important are 2, my grandson Josh graduates from Nursery school. It is a good thing I am working and not attending, as I would cry my eyes out. How can he be 5 and ready for "big school"? And the second event is the Duck Race at the Great Island Boat Yard tomorrow from 2-5. This is a fundraiser for my older grandson Danny's school. There will be food and entertainment, and of course a Duck Race (rubber ducks). One of the prizes is a night stay at the Log Cabin Inn on Bailey Island (hope I don't win that one). If I do, I will give it to one of you!

Must go plant some flowers.....somehow, my car is full of plants again! Sue