Saturday, September 12, 2020

Season is rolling on

Wow! How can it be mid-September? Seems like time stood still in the spring, and the summer flew by!

Happy to say, we had a very busy August! And, so far September is looking good as well. The weather certainly has cooperated.  Beautiful clear crisp day today.  Many of our guests are here for several days. Others are extending their stays. 

We will be open until the end of October. Foliage usually peaks around mid October. The weather guy the other day said even though we are in a bit of a drought, that can often enhance the colors. So, that is good news for all the leaf peepers. Our yard is spectacular. Dahlias in full bloom now, grass is green. 

Bailey Island is always pretty no matter the season. But 2020 has made all of us appreciate the quiet, the space, the views, the remoteness of this special place.

I, for one, value every day, every guest, every moment those I am close to continue to remain healthy. 

So grateful,