Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Time goes by!


This is Sue. I guess time got away from me.......a caller today asked if we were open as our last blog was last September!

Sorry, as you all know, it has been a hectic time.

Anyhow, YES we are open. And YES we are busy. Everyone has been and is eager to go somewhere after the year plus we just lived through. 

At the moment , we are full. We do have some rooms open here and there. We close the last weekend in October. Our dining room is open for breakfast and dinner. The pool is open. 

 We have the same crew...Matt, Aimee, Stephanie, Victoria, CC and me. We are happy to be open , and so happy to be able to see you all in person! 

So, would love to see you. Give us a call at 207 833 5546. We are here from 7am-8pm. This is our 41st year. And all of our crew love our job, and would love to see you!!

Apologies for ignoring the blog. And look forward to seeing you!