Friday, April 12, 2019

Another Season


   This is Sue. Been so long since I wrote a blog someone had to give me directions!

   We are beginning our 39th year at the Log Cabin. Next year.....40! Big celebration. I am happy to say, I still love this place and look forward to every season. Although I am not officially on the schedule, I try to stay somewhat involved. Of course, I still buy car loads of flowers for the yard.....and do other errands. I am so lucky that my son Matt, and his beautiful wife, Aimee are so competent. Actually, they are more competent than I ever was.

   Our opening has been off to a slow hasn't cooperated. But, this weekend is looking lovely! Our gardens are all cleaned up and plants are coming along. Kitchen is all prepped and ready for guests. So, come see us!

   Give us a call! Hope to see you!