Saturday, August 17, 2019

40 Years!


This is Sue......I know its been forever since I did a blog. But, it is August of 2019. Neal and I purchased what is now the Log Cabin Inn from John Wiseman August of 1979. It was a summer home at the time. We were quite young (in our 20's) and had a heck of a time convincing a bank that we could convert this home into a Seasonal Restaurant and actually pay the bank back! With perseverance, we succeeded!

We opened what was the Log Cabin Restaurant March 13, 1980. I had previously run Rock Ovens Restaurant for the seven years prior. So, it wasn't like the business was new to me. For many, many years we ran the restaurant from March thru October.....and it was unbelievably busy! For those of you who have never done restaurant work, let me tell you it is very exhausting! So, with the encouragement of my family ( Aimee, my daughter in law initiated this thought), we converted the restaurant into an Inn.

It is the best thing we ever did with this building. The work is considerably less exhausting , physically and mentally. We have been fortunate to attract and keep many , many of the same guests over the years.

This weekend we have a family of 22 that have been coming for the past 20 years. The family was considerably smaller 20 years ago, but more kids were born, and some are married now. This is just one example of our lovely clientele. We are very fortunate!

Guests that left this morning said this is our second home.....a bit of heaven.

We agree. The Inn is just like home to all of us. We are a huge extended family! Thanks to all who have made our life here at the Log Cabin Inn a pleasure.

Love and Thanks to all,