Saturday, September 11, 2021



This is Sue.....again. Another food post. We have been in business for decades as many of you know. During the summer we had to put "Market price" on our menu for 3 of our dinners (lobster, surf and filet).  This is the first time we have ever put market price on our menu.   Obviously, due to sky rocketing prices.

Well, yesterday, we had to adjust all the prices on our menu.  I was hoping we could hold out for the rest of the season, but we cannot. I have never seen seafood prices as high as they are now. And they are continuing to rise.

So, check our menu on our web site. It is up to date.  Sorry, we had to do this--it is out of our control.

Of course, our food is still delicious , and our staff is beyond fabulous! So, if you do dine with us, I am sure you will be happy.

Thank you to all of our great guests. We have had a banner year!