Friday, May 17, 2024

Almost full!

 It is a beautiful day here on Bailey Island. All the spring flowers and trees are in full bloom, grass recently mowed. 

We only have one room left tonight....and from here on we are quite busy for the rest of the year. We are ready!!

My youngest grandson, Josh graduates from high school this year (Matt and Aimee's youngest son). Where did the years go? I am fortunate to have my family so close.  Living in Harpswell is a hard place to leave, so neither of my sons did. 

I just went through the check-ins for today.  Only one rooms is a first time guest. I am not sure what I return rate is for guests, but it is very high. We must be doing something right!

If you have not visited, or are looking to return, give us a call!

Hope you are all well,