Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I realize the Men are saying what's with the Flowers bring back the Yachts. The flowers are such a trademark of the Inn I figured they deserved some credit. The Large Yellow Flower is a Dahlia which is a tuber. They are dug up in the Fall and stored in a dry cool place and we replant them again toward the end of May. Once the blossoms are cut the flower will re bloom and we have some awesome dahlia's til first frost. I Love these so much that I had Sue grow all Dahlia's for our Wedding 7 years ago. No these tubers are not 7 years old...Sue doesn't have that much patience. The other small vase Sue gave me many years ago for a Birthday present and I make her refill it each week with new flowers. Even though she didn't mention me as a great friend in her blog we are.

I am still complaining about the low price of lobsters and urge everyone to eat Maine Lobster. This week the Chef at Bowdoin College hosted a special Lobster Luncheon to help out. In addition to the luncheon they were also selling live or steamed lobsters to go for $5 a piece. They sold over 250 at this special.
This Saturday night is a Shore Dinner Fundraiser for the Fishing Families of Harpswell. This is their main fundraiser to benefit the Harpswell Community Scholarship Fund. Last year they awarded $7,500 to local students. Of course this is another thing I am making desserts for. On Sunday we also have the Old Fashioned Picnic at the Orrs-Bailey Island Yacht Club. All proceeds will benefit the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention.

The heat of Summer has finally arrived. The past few days we have seen temps toward the 90's. Even with our sea breeze it has been Hot. Just imagine how many extra pool towels we have to wash. I think we may get a break this weekend. With the 90 deg temps I was in the kitchen today making the girls Eggplant Parm with prosciutto and leeks, accompanied by an avocado and onion salad with fresh lettuce from the garden.

Congrats to all who guessed Sue's age right, 65% voted on 59. She will be 59 in October and she is very happy at the 20% who voted for 29. We still have some openings the first week in September so come for a quick getaway and have some homemade ice cream.