Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gear Grab Day

In Celebration of Earth Day today in Harpswell we have "Gear Grab Day". This is a day when along with the Road Side clean up we also do a Beach Clean Up. This is one of the few days that you can actually handle other peoples lobster traps and gear. All gear is tagged with the owners special number that is specific to them. If any lobster traps or buoys were found in good shape they could be stacked in a specific pile and the owners would be notified. The other gear that is not usable will be taken for recycling. Terrence,my nieces's and myself headed to Land's End here on Bailey Island. With gloves and many trash bags in hand we started the morning. I must say if you have to smoke can you please take your cigarette buts with you. We filled 4 trash bags and left a pile of gear to be picked up. We then went to the Giant Stair Case Trail where there was far less trash. I don't think many people have been on the trail over the Winter. We loaded all our trash and headed to the final destination at the Dolphin Marina. At the Marina they had a big Construction Dumpster ready and waiting. They also served a nice lunch for all the volunteers. They had a raflle and I am happy to say Terrence won 6 lobsters!!! They will be ready to redeem this Summer. If he had his way he would eat all of them. I had a great Winter in Florida and worked just as hard as I do here. With a child in school all day there seems like no excuse when asked to work. It just meant less time at the pool but people still say I have a tan. I guess compared to staying here all winter I do. Obviously I am back to work and loving the Inn and our regular guests that have already returned for another season. I am in the Kitchen Cooking tonight, my favorite filet mignon with lobster tail. I also made some homemade Blackberry Ice Cream which I think would taste quite yummy on a brownie with fudge sauce. We still have some dates open, so give a call and you too
could try this yummy dessert. In Good Health...Alicia